How klikkie works

Get your most memorable moments delivered to your doormat each and every month! Find out what it's like to have your photos printed to the highest possible quality in lifelike colours. It's pretty simple … ready, steady, klikkie!

Set your photos free!

Your phone's jam-packed with photos you take each and every day. Some of them are real gems. Isn't it a shame to let these go to waste? Don't let them mold away in the digital abyss of your smartphone … print and share them friends and loved ones!

Select your favourite shots and upload them every month!

We'll even send you a monthly reminder. Our experts check your photos and then print them to the highest standards imaginable. As soon as we've finished, we'll send your prints to you in a sturdy envelope that fits through your letterbox.

Display them or share them!

They'll be landing on your doormat every month. Create, keep and share your most memorable moments. Stick them in your album or display them on a real wall!


Subscription plans

Does klikkie automatically renew my subscription plan?
Personal and gift subscriptions do not stop automatically. They automatically convert to a monthly subscription. You can cancel or pause next month's subscription at any time. Adjust your profile settings if you want to stop personal or gift subscription renewal.
Are there any other costs involved?
There are no other costs involved with this subscription. The subscription fee even includes postage and packing. So, no worries!
When and how can I cancel my subscription?
You can cancel your subscription in your profile settings.
Can I switch subscription plans?
Switching subscription plans is certainly possible. We can help you switch your monthly subscription to one of our longer-term plans. Your one-year, six-month or three-month subscription plan reverts automatically to a monthly subscription once this plan expires, except if you've cancelled your subscription, that is

My account

How do I upload my photos?
You can upload your photos every month using our WebApp.
How can I change my account information?
You can change your name, address and telephone details in your klikkie profile. Your klikkie account is linked to your email address. You'll have to get in touch with us if you want to change this or your bank account details.
Can I pause my subscription?
Yes, you can if you have a monthly subscription plan. Simply go to your profile and pause your subscription.
Can I have two plans linked to the same email address?
No, unfortunately this isn't possible at the moment. Your account is linked to your email address. You'll have to use another email address if you want a second subscription.

Our print service

How does klikkie remind me about uploading your photos?
We'll send you a monthly email reminder. First of all, we'll send you an email to let you know when you can upload your new photos. And potentially, we'll send you additional emails a few days before the end of your klikkie month if you still haven't uploaded any or all of your photos.
Can I upload more than ten photos a month?
No, unfortunately it's currently not possible to upload and/or print more than ten photos per month with a single klikkie subscription plan. But hang on … Tip: take out a second subscription using a different email address. You can pause this second plan at any time! This allows you to upload and print an extra set of photos.
Can I order photos without a white border?
It's our aim to make ordering your photos as quick and easy as possible. Because we're focusing on delivering the highest quality, it's not currently possible to order photos without a white border.
How big are my klikkie's photos?
Every month, you'll receive ten photos in the following size formats:
  • 1 × XL photo (15 × 20 cm | 6 × 8")
  • 3 × medium photos (10 × 15 cm | 4 × 6")
  • 3 × mini photos (10 × 10 cm | 4 × 4")
  • 1 × photo strip with 3 × photos (5 × 15 cm | 2 × 6")
When can I upload my photos?
You can find out when it's time to upload your photos in your profile.
What happens if I forget to upload my photos one month?
You have the right to have your ten most memorable moments printed each and every month. This means you can transfer any unused print quota for future use if you upload fewer than ten photos in any month.
Can I order additional prints?
It's only possible to order the maximum number of prints. Please get in touch with us using our contact form if you've got a query about the maximum number of prints.


When do you charge me for my monthly fee?
We'll charge you within 24 hours of your placing your first order. For monthly subscriptions, we'll then deduct your fee every month on or close to the same day of the month that you started your subscription, for as long as your plan remains active.
How can I pay?
You can pay by MasterCard, VISA or American Express. We'll deduct your monthly fee automatically using the same payment method, for as long as your subscription remains active. For other longer‑term subscription plans, we'll deduct the full amount for the entire subscription period.
What happens if the print quality is poor?
We'll send you a free photo(s) in your next month's batch of photos to make it up to you.
Can I get WhatsApp photos printed too?
WhatsApp automatically compresses any photos sent using the app. This means that the quality of WhatsApp photos is generally too low for us to print properly. We recommend that you use photos taken directly with your device's camera.

Gift vouchers

How can I give someone a klikkie subscription as a gift?
You can choose the gift you'd like to give on our gift voucher page where you can pick a subscription plan and complete payment. Next, we'll send the gift voucher to either you or the recipient. You decide. The recipient can then enter the gift voucher code while signing up on the klikkie website. The recipient will also have to pay a symbolic amount of £0.02 to activate his or her account.
Does the gift subscription stop automatically?
Personal and gift subscriptions do not stop automatically. The recipient can stop automatic renewal in his or her profile once he or she has activated an account using your gift voucher code.
How long does it take to deliver the gift voucher?
From the instant you order a gift voucher, it usually takes us an average of one workday to pop it in the post. You'll receive an email from us as soon as we've popped it in the post. We aim to send gift vouchers ordered before 3 pm that very same day, otherwise on the next workday.
How long is the gift voucher code valid for?
The recipient of your gift voucher can use the code for a period of eighteen months after you bought it.


What are klikkie's delivery times?
We aim to have your prints on your doormat within four workdays of your uploading your photos and clicking 'Send'.
How does klikkie send my prints?
We send your prints in a sturdy envelope that fits through your letterbox.
Does klikkie deliver to other countries?
We currently only deliver prints to customers in the Netherlands, Belgium and the United Kingdom. But klikkie is growing and expanding fast, and we certainly hope to bring our print services to other countries very soon. Watch this space!


Can I get in touch with klikkie?
Yes, of course. Head on over to our contact form and let us know how we can help out!