Cookie policy klikkie

General information

We take your privacy very seriously. That’s why we follow the rules from the GDPR when it comes to processing your personal information. A large part of the personal information is collected through the use of cookies. Cookies ensure that the website and app of klikkie work properly, increasing your user experience of the website and app. That is why it is important to accept the use of cookies. In this cookie statement we will describe which type of cookies we use, they purpose these cookies serve and how you can opt-out from these cookies.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that is placed in the browser of your computer, tablet or smartphone when you are visiting our website or app. Via the cookie, information (of which some is considered personal information), is collected. The cookies we use on this website can be divided into a few types:

  • First of all we use session cookies, which are cookies that will be automatically removed once you shutdown your web browser. These session cookies gather information related to your surf behavior on our website, so we can optimize our website to increase the user experience.
  • Secondly we use permanent cookies. These cookies ensure we recognise your web browser next time you enter our website or app. Consequently, our website can be adjusted to your personal preferences. For instance, we do not have to ask you again to accept the use of tracking cookies. This makes it is more easy for you to use our website and app. You can delete permanent cookies from your web browser via the settings of your web browser.
  • We also make use of tracking cookies, if you give us permission to use these. Once you accept tracking cookies, we will be able to know when you visit our website and websites from our network. This tracking cookie does not collect your name, e-mailadres, but is used to ensure we can optimize our advertising to your profile so that the advertising is as relevant as possible to you.
  • With your permission we also place tracking cookies from third parties on your web browser. These third parties use these cookies to see which pages in their network they use so they can build a profile of your online behavior. This profile is build by information they receive from a variety of websites in their network. The profile that is build does not contain any personal information such as your name, e-mailadres, but solely serves the purpose of making advertisements as relevant as possible to you.

For which purpose do we use cookies?

Klikkie uses cookies for the following purposes: necessary, functional, analytical and marketing. We will explain here what each purpose entails and we will describe which information is collected to serve this purpose.

  • Necessary: These cookies are necessary in order to allow the website and app to work properly. These necessary cookies enable you to access the app, move around, and access different services, features and tools. Examples include remembering previous actions (e.g. entered text) when navigating back to a page in the same sessions. These cookies cannot be disabled.
  • Functional: These cookies remember your settings and preferences and the choices you make (o.a. language, credentials, the selected subscription). We store these settings in your browser to make the website and app as user friendly as possible. Our customer service team also uses a tool called Reamaze, which stores your e-mailadres and question, so they are able to contact and help you.
  • Analytical cookies: These cookies can help us collect information to help understand how you use our website and app, such as whether you have viewed messages or specific pages and how long you spent on each page. We collect this information to learn how our users use the website and app. This enables us to improve the user experience of our website and app. We use the following tools to enable us to serve this purpose:
    • Hotjar: Hotjar enables us to release questionnaires and to analyse user behavior on our website.
    • Google Analytics: Google Analytics enables us to analyse how often users visit our website and app and what type of devices they use to do so.
    • Google Tag manager: We use Google Tag manager to manage our cookies and data points.
  • Marketing cookies: Marketing cookies are placed in order to deliver ads that are relevant and meaningful to you and your interests. They may also be used to deliver targeted advertising or to limit the number of times you see an advertisement. This can help us track how efficient advertising campaigns are, and enable us to improve on served ads when needed.
    • Facebook: We place a cookie from Facebook on your web browser in order to track which advertisements on this platform lead to purchases from our customers.This enables us to optimize ads placed on Facebook.
    • Snapchat: We place a cookie from Snapchat on your web browser in order to track which advertisements on this platform lead to purchases from our customers. This enables us to optimize ads placed on Snapchat.
    • Google Analytics: Google Analytics enables us to serve you with ads once you have visited our website.
    • Twitter: Our Firebase authentication system uses the twitter cookie.

Which type of information is collected through the use of these cookies?

Klikkie collects your IP-address and MAC address (anonymized where possible), your surf- and click behavior, cookie identifiers, technical characteristics (such as the type of browser you use), through which websites you entered the klikkie website, when and how often you use the website and app, if you use any of the functionalities on our website and app (like the member to member programme), which pages you browse through on our website and which type of devices you use to enter our website and/or app.

How can you opt-out of the use of cookies?

Once you use the website or app cookies, including tracking cookies, will be placed in the browser of your device. If you do not want to have cookies placed in your web browser you can change the settings in your web browser.

The following links can help you adjust your settings:

Internet Explorer: Mozilla Firefox: Google Chrome: Safari: Once you change the settings in your web browser the website and app might not work properly anymore, or you might not be able to access certain features of our website and app. If you do not want cookies from Google Analytics to be placed in your browser, you can adjust this setting in your browser.

Any questions?

If you have any comments or questions about our cookie statement, please contact us at