A klikkie gift voucher – the perfect gift!

  • klikkie for 3 months *
    A little something!

    Every month for three months, 10 photos printed in various sizes for just £20.85 per quarter including postage and packing.

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  • klikkie for 6 months *
    The perfect gift!

    Every month for six months, 10 photos printed in various sizes for just £41.70 per half year including postage and packing.

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  • klikkie for a whole year! *
    With a photo album worth £29.95!

    Covered for a whole year with 10 photos per month, including a unique klikkie album for all your photos. Price includes shipping.

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*The minimum amount required to activate klikkie is £0.02. * When the the gift period is ending, it automatically changes to an easily pauseable monthly subscription.

What's klikkie?

klikkie's your life in print! Upload 10 favourite photos from your smartphone, tablet or desktop every month and wait for that thud as a sturdy envelope lands on your doormat a few days later!

Looking for the perfect gift idea?

  • Your 10 favourite photos printed and delivered to your doormat each and every month

  • High-quality prints of your photos optimised by our photographic experts

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How does it work?

  • You request a klikkie gift voucher

  • You tell us whether you want us to send the gift voucher to you or to your friend or loved one directly

  • We mail the gift voucher

  • Your friend or loved one activates his or her gift subscription using the gift voucher code